bouquet of summer flowers

Juliet has always be fascinated by flowers and as a child would spend many happy hours drawing intricate pictures of foxgloves in her parents garden and making rose perfume by crushing up petals with water in old bottles. As an adult, throughout her time at art college and as a jeweller, the shapes, forms, textures and colours would be a constant source of inspiration throughout her work. 

Drawing on her background in design, Juliet found her way into floristry after creating the floral arrangements for her own wedding in 2012. After this, she was asked by friends to work on the flowers for their weddings. With a bit more experience under her belt she knew that she wanted to do floristry full time and set about retraining. In 2015 she set up Willow and Wolf from her studio based in Cambridge, UK and has been busy ever since.

Juliet creates bespoke florals for all occasions but focuses mainly on weddings and events. Her passion is colour and texture and she loves to use a variety of seasonal flowers and foliage to create luxurious, natural looking arrangements. With experience of working on large and small scale events, she enjoys every job and loves the myriad of challenges that event floristry brings.


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